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Inquiry & Information Literacy @ MKK

Information Literacy is about having the skills to FIND, ACCESS, USE & SHARE information.

We teach research skills from Year 1 – 8. 

Students are involved in choosing and narrowing topics, finding keywords,  asking quality questions, locating information (how to search the library and internet efficiently), deciding on the usefulness of information gathered (relevance to topic, currency, bias etc),  learning presentation skills (oral, written, and visual language skills) and evaluating their work (both the process and the product).

At MKK we believe it is vital the children are able to access information from print resources as well as the internet.

We have spent a considerable amount of money purchasing quality non-fiction book resources so all of our children have easy access to information, on a huge range of topics.

MKK children also have access to the internet through classroom laptops. Through classroom programmes they are taught to locate relevant information effectively.

These skills will be vital as our children move through to High School, University and beyond.


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