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Wearable Arts Success!

A huge congratulations to Ruby and Holly for their impressive win in the Pak and Save Edible Arts Festival 2010. Their entry 'Mosquito' was the winner of the Intermediate Grade and I am sure you will all agree is a stunning achievement. The girls worked incredibly hard to complete the project which required creative thinking, persistence and problem solving. A lot of flexible thinking involved here girls! The competition was formidable  however this entry looked like a winner all the way to me. Ruby and Holly received a beautiful trophy which they will share and the honour of exhibiting in the evening extravaganza. Well done girls. We are so proud of you.

Next stop WOW in Wellington.

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posted by brydie and georgia on 29/06/2010 9:45:27 a.m. (NZ time)
i love ur wearable arts design its amazing
wearable arts
posted by rosie on 29/06/2010 9:55:57 a.m. (NZ time)
i love your desighn it is absoultly amszing no wonder why you won
wearable art
posted by Mia on 29/06/2010 4:14:28 p.m. (NZ time)
wow!your design is so cool I can see why you won! you rock Holly & Ruby
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