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Developing the MKK Backpack

The MKK Backpack was created after a lot of meetings and discussions with the teachers, parents and kids of Maraekakaho School.

When we asked our learning community what their vision was for MKK, the answers we received were all remarkably similar. 

The Maraekakaho School Community wants to produce learners who CARE – 

CARE about themselves and their learning

CARE about and are thoughtful of others

CARE about their environment – their class, their school, their local community and their world


We also want to produce learners who are equipped with the skills to face the future – 

Literacy & Numeracy Skills

Thinking & Problem Solving Skills  

ICT Skills

Inquiry Skills – the ability to ask questions and seek answers and solutions

Physical Skills – to be fit, healthy and active

Cultural Skills – to ignite passions that will last a lifetime

Students who know they possess a wide range of skills develop an inbuilt confidence – they know they have the tools to cope with most things life throws at them. 

The BACKPACK is a visual tool for MKK kids.  Through all classes we will be reinforcing these skills and adding to ‘Our backpacks’.

Each child’s BACKPACK will contain many different skills – it is important all MKK kids know which skills they already possess and which ones they are working on.


Each classroom has a large BACKPACK that will be referred to frequently.  It will form an ongoing, developing display that will keep the skills and tools 'alive' for the kids.

MKK - 'Equipping our kids for the future' 

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