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A Mindful School

At Maraekakaho we are developing a ‘mindful’ school.  A mindful school teaches students to think and to understand what to do when the answer is not apparent.

In the 21st (and 22nd Century for many of our students today), the ability to think and behave intelligently will be the key to success.  Our students will be entering a global job market where it is predicted they will have, on average, between 8 – 15 career changes. We can not prepare them for specific jobs but we can develop their ability to think.

At MKK we are helping achieve this through the Habits of Mind.   

The 'Habits of Mind' are 16 dispositions exhibited by successful people.  They are the intelligent behaviours we can employ when faced with problems. The staff at MKK School have added a 17th Habit Of Mind, Resilience.

Habits of Mind

1.  Persisting

2.  Managing Impulsivity (Stop and think before acting)

3.  Listening With Understanding and Empathy

4.  Thinking Flexibly

5.  Thinking About Thinking (Metacognition)

6.  Striving for Accuracy

7.  Questioning and Posing Problems

8.  Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations

9.  Thinking and Communicating With Clarity and Precision

10. Gathering Data Through All Senses

11. Creating, Imagining, Innovating

12. Responding With Wonderment and Awe

13. Taking Responsible Risks

14. Finding Humour

15. Thinking Interdependently (working together)

16. Remaining Open to Continuous Learning

17. Resilience

In 2010 the teaching staff spent 4 intensive days learning more about the Habits of Mind and how and why we should implement them in our school.

Throughout the school ‘Mindful teachers’ are working to develop the ‘Habits’ in our students. By identifying the Habits in themselves and in others, by discussing what habits will be required to be successful for a given task and by reflecting on which habits they used and how well they used them, the students will become more mindful, deliberate and successful.

The Habits of Mind are behaviours everyone can develop to become better thinkers, no matter their age. 


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