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Developing the MKK Curriculum

At Maraekakaho School our goal is to develop successful learners, who take an active role in understanding how, what and why they are learning.

We have developed our school curriculum through consultation with our staff, community and students.  

Through inquiry into best practice teaching we have developed and refined our beliefs about learners and how meaningful learning happens. 

Wherever possible our curriculum is integrated, providing students with in depth coverage of concepts and understandings, worthy of learning about.

Maraekakaho School is a ‘Mindful School’. Through teaching the ‘Habits of Mind’ we are developing people who can think and act intelligently.

Maraekakaho School is a ‘Thinking’ school.  We use ‘Hyerle’s Thinking Maps’, along with other thinking tools to help students structure and organise their thinking.  Strategies such as Think Time, Pair Share and Thinking Buddies help develop quality thinking  and learning throughout the school.  Teachers are mindful of learning styles and provide a variety of approaches to cater for individual needs.

Delivering quality Numeracy and Literacy programmes is at the core of what we do. Formative practice is key to all instruction at Maraekakaho School.  Learning Intentions and the development of criteria with students, enables students to ‘know what good looks like’, breaking down the steps to success.  Quality feedback and feedforward from teachers, peers and self helps students meet learning goals.

At MKK we meet the varied needs  of our students through in class support and through targeted withdrawl programmes. Extension programmes are run throughout the year to cater for our students with special abilities.

Critical reflection and self review have been instrumental in developing our curriculum.  Teacher inquiry into best practice pedagogy and quality professional development for all staff has ensured  the programmes put in place lead to improved student outcomes and learning.  Ongoing reflection  sees staff adapting programmes to best meet the needs of our students.
Physical education and The Arts have always been an important part of our curriculum.  We place a strong emphasis on participation and striving for excellence.   


Why we assess (in order of priority)

1. Assess children’s abilities so that 
we can meet their individual learning needs, 
we can formulate learning programmes (for individuals and the class)
children can recognize and celebrate their own progress

2. Assess children’s progress so that we find out what we (the teachers) need to learn.

3. We can report to parents so that they can become involved in their child’s learning.

4. Review the performance of the school so that we can choose our next Professional Development focus AND report to the BoT, MoE and ERO.


Students and parents receive comprehensive information about progress, both in written and oral form.
Students are involved in reporting their learning, achievement and progress to their parents, through student led conferences.  Using their reflective tools they are able to discuss progress and next learning goals.
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